Prayers For Our Children
Welcome to Our Community!


Fire… As we launch our new website and prepare for the release of our new book, Not Alone, I am filled with fire my friends. And this fire that burns in my stomach also is burning in yours. How do I know this?

Hands fireBecause you sacrifice!

We are the community of the mismatched. We are a nation of God’s people who don’t fit in. We are married to unbelievers, divorced, single moms and dads. We don’t look like most of the other families in our church congregations. But that’s okay. In fact, it’s beautiful. And there are so many miracles that come from our unique perspective.

I share some more about this unique family design of ours in our new book, and I can’t wait for you to delve into it and allow Jesus to anoint you with a fresh hope, joy and purpose within your parenting. Watch for the book on October 7, 2013. But for today, I’m going to remind you that although no one may notice the sacrifices you are making to bring love, peace and joy to your home, God sees every deed. He’s standing with you when you are alone, and one kid is crying, there’s poop in the bathtub, the dog barfed on the carpet and the laundry is piled high.

God knows your heart when you feel exhausted and alone, trying desperately to raise your children to know His Son, Jesus. God is standing next to you when you sigh, wishing you had just a minute to yourself. God is working with you, touching your head and releasing words of wisdom to speak into your children who are hurt by a cruel world.

Our God stands ready to defend you and your children because you pray for your babies by name. You sacrifice. A lot. My friends may I remind you today that fire….. fresh Holy Spirit Anointing Fire, falls on sacrifice.

You are in the trenches now. Fighting to share Jesus with your spouse and your children. You walk at times filled with fear or doubt, anger, resentment and just utterly tired. But, God sees your sacrifice and he ushers His love and hope quickly to fill your heart with a Holy Encounter.

The faithful love you pour into your spouse and your kids rises up like valuable love offerings to God. Your efforts to pray for your kids rattles the heavens when you speak.

You tuck love messages into lunch boxes, wash laundry, play Barbies, sit through ballet lessons, soccer practice, put dinner on the table, hold down a job and still make time for date night. You don’t always do it well and that’s okay. Because God only wants your heart. He will help you through the difficult years that are plagued by doubt where you ask the question, “Am I enough? Am I enough to raise my children to faith?”

Every word of prayer you utter…. Is worth it. Every seemingly unnoticed chore….. Is worth it. Every battle to get the kids to church….. Is worth it. You are worth it. And GOD SEES YOUR SACRIFICE.

Fire falls on sacrifice and my friends.

It falls on the SUMITE Nation, who are spiritually mismatched.

God has destined a brilliant and special Holy Fire for us. His powerful love will surround us lifting us from the conflict and the darkness. We will walk in heavenly realms and speak the fire and will of God out onto people. Our kids will be changed because this Holy Fire burns in us. The atmosphere of our home will be filled with love, laughter, adventure and the Presence of God. We will emerge from the smolder and turn back to see that… Great is our reward… Because we sacrificed.

My friends, the fire burns in me today and I release it upon you. Receive a fresh anointing and be filled with hope. An abundant, provisional, redemptive, outlandish God sized hope.

And His name will be the hope of all the world. — Matthew 12:21

I love you. I count it a privilege to walk this journey of the unequally yoked and to walk it with all of you. Hugs, Lynn