God ’s Promises for the Mismatched Marriage and Home

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If you have landed here from the Dr. Dobson's Family Talk broadcast, please visit our NEW HERE page for more information about this amazing, God-centered community. You'll find helpful articles and videos to help you in your mismatched marriage. We also have a special message for you on our JOIN US page, and we'd love for you to add yourself to our COMMUNITY MAP.

Lynn and I (Dineen) are on our blog daily. We love writing there and interacting with the S.U.M. community. This is the place to join the conversation, to leave comments, and share your heart and prayer requests. You will discover how this online community of Believers, who are mismatched just like you, rally around each other with words of encouragement and prayer. We are walking this mismatched road together and are discovering how powerfully God works in the body of Christ! And right online! Who knew even the Internet could bear witness to God's Kingdom?!

We do now, and we hope you'll join us, because it's not an accident you landed here. God knew what you needed, my friend. He's brought you to a place of love, encouragement and support, because He absolutely adores you. And we, Dineen, Lynn and the SUMites, are honored to come along side you and help you thrive in your faith, thrive in your marriage and bring a legacy of faith to your children.

We love you dearly and look forward to getting to know you better. Dineen