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Just a Little Patience by Jenny Lee Sulpizio

Motherhood: It can be kind of hard at times, don’t you think? But if I've learned anything throughout my tenure as a mom, it’s this--the unexpected should always be expected, that patience is definitely a virtue, and that if I’m going to make it out of this thing alive (and with my sanity still in tact), not only do I have to be prepared, but I've got to learn to lean (heavily) on my Heavenly Father along the way.

In theory, this sounds great, right? But when it comes down to it, many of us moms still find ourselves struggling. Take the issue of patience for instance. Who else finds themselves quick-tempered and easily frustrated? I know I do. Yep. I’ll be the first to admit that I struggle to express this discipline with my children. Maybe the real problem here is that I no longer think like a kid. I think like an adult instead, and expect my kids to think (and act) the same way I do. But as Mark Merrill once stated,  “Patience is choosing to control your emotions rather than letting your emotions control you.” Hey, our kids are going to make mistakes. At times, they’re going to do things that make absolutely no sense at all, in this lifetime or any other. They’re going to act out, behave poorly, throw tantrums, and embarrass the heck out of us, but guess what? They’re kids and the whole concept of good behavior just happens to be a learned one. It’s how we respond to those crazy situations that make all the difference. Yelling and screaming won’t get you anywhere (believe me, I’ve tried), but controlling your tongue, using reason followed by firm discipline instead, and implementing the use of prayer most definitely will.  When your patience is all but gone, try a few of these tips to help you keep your cool:

  1. Count to ten…or eighty: Ten seconds definitely won’t cut it so try counting to eighty instead. Take some deep, calming breaths and try breathing your way through the frustration. Remember those Lamaze methods you once used to deliver your now tantrum-throwing child? Try dusting off those birthing manuals and bust out those breathing techniques all over again.  Breathe away that frustration, and keep your cool when tempers threaten to rage. Ommmm.
  2. Pray: Pray like you’ve never prayed before. Hey, God knows when you’re about to flip your lid, and He’s quite aware of just how trying His little creations can be.  So, seek Him out for help any time your patience is being tested and your sanity is in question. Pray often and always.
  3. Keep Calm…and carry on: I feel like this phrase was written especially for me. You too?  Keep this saying close to your heart, fresh on your mind and maybe plaster it somewhere in your home as a reminder when things get tough—because frustration is inevitable when you’re a mommy, which means we had better find ways to deal with it appropriately. Amen?  Keep calm girls…breathe, pray, relax, repeat.

Remember moms—you don’t have to be perfect because you weren’t created to be. Rely on God to help get you through and understand that your very best is more than enough. “Enjoy every single moment. The good, the bad, the beautiful, the ugly, the inspiring, the not-so-glamorous moments. And thank God throughout it all. –Meghan Matt 

Wonder womanAuthor Bio: Jenny Lee Sulpizio is a wife and mother of three who enjoys writing about anything and everything under the sun, but especially loves to instruct, motivate, and guide other moms with practical advice, tips, and a whole lot of comic relief in the process. Jenny is a contributing writer for The MOB Society and Moms Together, and is the author of the recently released guide for all mamas titled, “Confessions of a Wonder Woman Wannabe: On a Mission to Save Sanity, One Mom at a Time.” To find out more about Jenny or to follow her blog, visit Facebook: Twitter: Pinterest: