Moving Forward: Part 3
Shocking the World with Generosity

SUMite Jennifer and God ' s Provision

My name is Jennifer Calder.  I have been with my husband for 17 years, married almost 13 of them.  I knew going into our marriage that Dylan had no religious background.  I did not, however, know the extent of his “atheism” until recent years.

I began my journey with God as a child, but began a real personal walk with him in 2011.  I had personal struggles and marriage struggles starting that year.  As my personal struggles eased and my walk with God became stronger my marriage worsened.  It seemed as my faith grew stronger my husband’s atheism grew like I had never imagined it could. (So true how the enemy works and fights us as we make progress.)

Our marriage was falling apart, rapidly falling apart in 2013.  In June of 2013 we had decided to get a divorce.  We had been through counseling, both talked to lawyers, and decided this was the only thing left to do.  Something in my spirit said this just is not right. Dylan was about to leave for a trip and we both decided we would wait until he got back to file.

When he returned he thought that I was still undecided about the divorce, and was planning on talking more before we went to attorneys.  I was surprised but decided that it can’t hurt the situation.  We talked for hours and decided that although we were different on many key issues in life we could try one more time.

A few months before my friend had recommended a book called,  The 5 Love Languages, by Gary Chapman.  I thought we were too far gone  at that time to read a book like that.  As Dylan and I finished talking God brought that book to my memory, so I brought it up with Dylan. Amazingly he agreed to read it with me.  If you know about that book you know it is Christian based.  The fact that my husband agreed to read it, and actually read it and agreed with the principles was a true miracle from God.

That book through God saved our marriage!! 

We both now knew and understood our own and each other’s love language, which was the key to saving our marriage.  I would recommend that book to anyone!  I am amazed and awed how God has changed me and my family over the past two and half years. Truly God does work everything out for our good!!!!:)

God bless you and your journey!! Jen  

My name is Jennifer Calder.  I was born and raised in Alma, Michigan.  I have degrees in art and education and am a former art teacher. I currently live in Temecula, CA with my husband and two sons, Tristen, age 10, and Aiden, age 7.   I am a stay at home mom.  I enjoy exercising, spending time with my family, the beach, watching movies, and doing things outside.  I am passionate about organic living, nutrition, and being environmentally responsible.    I am “new” in my faith walk, but am amazed at what God has done for me and my family in such a short time. I was introduced to SUM during my marriage struggles.  My son’s kindergarten teacher knew someone who knew Lynn.  My real walk with God started about that time, over 2 years ago now.  He has had the right people in my life all along and I did not even know it.  I love how God works!!!:)